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What it means to be a hair extension specialist.

Having specialised in hair extensions and hair replacement for over 13 years, I’ve really seen it all. Unfortunately, in Australia, there is no standard when it comes to hair extensions, which basically means anyone can do them. Whether you’re an accountant looking for a career change or a teenager wanting to alter her look, you can go online, watch a tutorial and start applying hair extensions. Not only can anyone offer hair extensions as a service, but they can charge a hefty price, too. That’s rather frightening.

Another misconception is that all hairdressers can apply hair extensions. Whilst they are likely to install extensions more effectively than someone not trained in hair care, hairdressers are usually colour technicians, stylists or cutting specialists. Even though hair extensions and hairdressing fall in the closest category, there is a huge difference when it comes really understanding the intricacies of hair extensions. This includes education, applications, cutting, blending and colouring. Put simply, all of the rules change when you’re dealing with hair extensions as opposed to natural hair.

Why we do these things to ourselves is beyond me, ladies. Understanding how dangerous it can be to have your hair extensions applied by someone who doesn’t specialise in them – permanent hair loss, scarring, matting, tangling and a huge waste of your hard earned cash. For these reasons, you need to make sure you’re going to someone that’s highly experienced and knows what they are talking about.

At Hair With Envy we pride ourselves on being one of the very few hair extension specialists in the country. We offer extensive training to all of our staff, which is performed in salon (full-time), with our team only performing a full installation service unsupervised after their first year of training. Our method is rare, safe and specialised to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality of service and techniques available.

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