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ZENEDA hair extensions are the most exquisite hair extensions available today. They do not tangle or shed and are completely reusable for over a year. Our method of installation is totally safe and results in hair extensions that are undetectable and natural looking every time.

What is


We at Hair With Envy have spent the last four years developing ZENEDA hair extensions to offer women the most natural form of hair extensions imaginable.

Wearing them is as close as you’re going to get to the feeling of sporting your very own lustrous locks. ZENEDA is soft and alluring and moves just as a head of natural hair does.

Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, one of the most attractive features of ZENEDA is that they can be washed in the same way as you would natural hair, without the fear of sections of extension hair being ripped out or becoming tangled, which can happen all too easily with other forms of hair extensions.

Unlike other brands, ZENEDA is free from acid washing or silicone coatings which means the way they feel when you first install them is the way that they continue to feel the entire time that you are wearing them.


We have created a unique weaving system for ZENEDA which involves meticulously sewing in our ZENDEDA weaves for a comfortable, secure fit.

Once the extensions are installed, you can confidently go about your life, knowing that your hair extensions will stay in place and will not be visible to the naked eye.

They are carefully positioned with a custom fit to ensure the most natural appearance and movement possible. The wefts are also highly durable, resilient and long-lasting - in fact, a set of ZENEDA hair extensions can last over a year.

This means that not only are ZENEDA hair extensions natural looking, beautiful and easy to care for, but they are also highly cost-effective.




Sharing our ZENEDA knowledge with you is how we strive for you to be the best.

Education is key – we offer ongoing training and support to ensure you are the best hair extension specialist you can be.

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If you are looking for gorgeous, high quality and affordable hair extensions with the most natural look possible, ZENEDA is the answer.

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