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Weave hair extensions

Melbourne’s Leading Weave Hair Extensions Salon

If you’re looking for natural looking hair and a fuller effect, our Envy Weave hair extensions can give you the added volume and length that you long for. Opt for a long, luscious locks or shape them into a bob – there’s an endless list of options you can choose to sport with our Envy Weave hair extensions in our Melbourne salon.

Our weave hair extensions are suitable for all hair types, offering women the chance to achieve the exact look they’ve always envisioned. Moreover, we’ve sourced the finest, authentic, cuticle intact, real human weave extensions from our exclusive international sources– you’ll only receive a premium product when you choose our Melbourne salon.

How do they work?

Using careful techniques and application, our Envy Weave extensions are applied carefully to your existing hair by our specialists. We use methods that don’t stress out your natural locks or damage the structure, giving you a flawless finish without inflicting any harm. Best of all, these extensions can last over 12 months.

To find out more about our Melbourne Salon and our product lines, please contact us. We’re always more than happy to assist you with your enquiry or provide you with recommendations and information on why our weave would best suit you.